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In Italy, a Masters Programme ("Laurea Magistrale") degree is equivalent to a Master of Science in the European university system. It is obtained after two years of postgraduate studies and aims to provide rigorous, advanced training in specific sectors. Students can apply if they hold (or they are going to award) a Bachelor degree in a similar field of study or an equivalent qualification taken abroad and recognized in Italy


In order to apply for pre-admission to a Masters Programme at the University of Verona, please make sure you have already collected all the following documents in high resolution pdf format:

*Copy of your valid passport.

Statement of Purpose: a short text in English (max. 2 pages,no more than 5,000 words) motivating the applicant's interest in the Programme.

*English or other language competence certificate (if required).

*Curriculum vitae

*Transcripts: transcripts with programmes of courses and grades achieved, issued by your home University, in English language. No validation is required at this point.

*Diploma: copy of your diploma, if you have already awarded your Bachelor degree.

*Optionally, you can also attach publications, reference letters, and any other document pertinent with this application.

Please carefully read and complete each question and upload documents as they are requested in each section. You can submit your application only once for each course you may choose. 

Errors in applications or missing/incomplete documents will lead to the rejection of the application.

Once your application has been duly submitted you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Need help? Please contact us at admissions@ateneo.univr.it

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