Dear Students, Researchers, Visiting Professors and Staff

We would like to bring you up to date in light of the news arriving from the Council of the Italian Ministers.

The ongoing health emergency due to the spread of Covid-19, makes it impossible to proceed with the standard front desk activities and requires us to continue promoting reduced mobility of faculty and staff to our offices to reduce the risk of contagion.

Based on indications from the proper Authorities, classroom teaching and front desk activities at the Universities are therefore suspended for the week of 9 to 15 March. Furthermore, it cannot be excluded that this suspension will be further extended for a subsequent period, as the situation remains fluid.In light of the provision of the Italian Council of Ministers, we take this opportunity to reiterate our staff to limit travel and reduce the organization of physical meetings, making the most of possible use multimedia technology;Considering the emergency and the decisions of the Authorities, all scheduled appointments will be canceled and rescheduled via remoto until 19 March.

In conclusion, ISU services is neither stopping nor closing, but we must adapt to the circumstances imposed by the national situation.





+39 327 0006543

also possible to request a meeting through the application named “ZOOM” look for

For iOS, visit the Apple App Store or by searching "zoom."

For Android, visit Google Play or by searching "zoom HD meetings." 

We thank you for your understanding and for the professionalism and commitment that you have shown in these difficult days.


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